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About Transnet BW

TransnetBW GmbH operates the electricity transmission network in Baden-Württemberg. With this transport network we secure the power supply in the region, in Germany and in Europe. We manage and control the energy flows in the network, provide maintenance, network planning and network development. Numerous electricity traders, power plant and distribution network operators in Germany and abroad are among our customers and partners. Around 80 transformers connect our transmission network with the distribution networks in Baden-Württemberg. Via these access points, we supply electricity to internationally important industrial companies and more than 11 million people in Baden-Württemberg - reliably and around the clock. In this way, TransnetBW secures the economic power and quality of life in southwest Germany.

In addition, our transmission network plays an important role in the transport of electricity in Germany and Europe. 35 interconnection points integrate the TransnetBW network into the national and European interconnected grid. Together with our neighboring interconnection partners in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, we also provide the transmission capacities required for cross-border electricity transport in a non-discriminatory manner

Founded in 1998

830 employees

Seat in Stuttgart

We are doing the energy turnaround

Transnet BW Open Innovation

Transnet BW starts up! Together with you we would like to expand our product portfolio and optimize internal processes

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Who we are looking for

You are a start-up or an established company and have an innovative idea that you would like to realize with us? Then get in touch with us and make suggestions on how you would like to change the energy world together with us.

About Innoloft, please send us a few details about your company and above all your idea of cooperation. With the idea that fits for us, we will start a paid pilot project! If the pilot is successful, we will talk about a long-term cooperation.

Possible scenarios afterwards

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Wanted Partners

The following requirements are made of you as partners

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Startup or established



Solutions are currently being sought for the following topics

The process



Submit your application through Innoloft on an ongoing basis.



After the successful submission of your idea we will give you a feedback within 4 weeks if the idea basically fits to us. If so, we will take the idea to the next phase.


Development Pilot Project

We discuss your idea internally with the specialist department and a member of the corporate development team. If the result is positive, we will contact you to clarify any queries, discuss further steps and, if necessary, design a joint pilot implementation.


market launch

If you are a successful pilot, we look forward to developing a joint cooperation with you.

Any questions?

Please contact our partner if you have any questions about the process or further questions:

Transet BW GmbH
Fatma Karatay
Company development

Innoloft GmbH
Marcel Nebeling
Head of Innovation Management

Our partner: Innoloft GmbH

The Innoloft network promotes innovation by connecting the most innovative players from all technology sectors. As a digital two-sided market, Innoloft supports providers of innovative, technology-related products and services (companies, start-ups, institutes) in lead generation and partner acquisition. On the other hand, companies use the platform for efficient innovation and technology scouting and for evaluating the opportunities offered by new solutions. The USP is a proprietary matching algorithm that calculates suitable partners and presents them to each other automatically via the digital platform.